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An in-home washer is one of the most important amenities of home ownership. If it breaks down, you could be looking at costs for not only repair, but for outsourcing your laundry needs as well. Obviously, your washer is a real asset to your home and it would be an incredible inconvenience to not have easy access to a properly working machine. If it does break down, you should know that there is a reputable and reliable repair shop within reach. NYC washer repair is just around the corner and a phone call away.

What to do when Your Washer Stops Working

As with any major appliance, if your washer suddenly breaks or stops working, you might struggle with the decision to either replace it or get it repaired. Before you make a lasting decision regarding spending a large sum of money to replace it, or to put any sum of money into repairs, there are a few questions you should ask yourself or a professional. Firstly, what is the cost of a brand new washer? You should compare that to the cost of repairs, as the repairs themselves might not be that extensive. Once your problem is diagnosed, you will be able to get a repair price quote. There is a possibility that the issue with the washer is small and can be easily repaired for little cost and little time. In fact, if you call (212) 729-4935 you can save $20 on your washer repair.

With a malfunctioning washer, there are a few other questions that need to be answered before landing on a final decision to either buy new or repair your existing model. For instance, is the washer under warranty? If so, for how long? Will the repairs add life to the existing model? And if so, how long? Answering these few questions will guide you into coming to the conclusion that getting a repair quote is the best step to take, initially.

Diagnosing the Problem

There are any number of things that can go wrong when a large appliance like a washer is concerned. Becoming familiar with the ways in which the machine can fail to function properly and aware of the ways in which to prevent them is a good step in large appliance ownership. A few things you can do to ensure the longevity of your functioning appliance are to make sure the power source is secure and that the water hoses are equally secure. A loosening of either could cause problems. Clogged hoses can cause your machine to not drain properly. You should check for this as well as make sure that all items are removed from the pockets of clothing. Even small things like coins can cause backups. Finally, always make sure you’re using the correct amount of detergent. Using too much can cause clogs and backups and you don’t want that.

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Once all of the research is complete, you’re ready to call us and start asking questions about washer repair in NYC. Getting a diagnosis and a price quote is always a good idea. The malfunctioning of appliances is stressful and we’re here to help you deal with it. Call us with any questions you may have about repairing your washer. Contact us at (212) 729-4935 with any questions or concerns.

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